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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi! I'm David Xu, a Chinese-American, third year data science major at the University of California, Berkeley. I'm an aspiring Software Engineer/ Web developer with interest in data science and app development as well. I'm originally from the bay area and besides studying I love playing hockey, the violin and learning more about UI/UX design!

What drew me into the field of software engineering and web development in particular was my first time using Google Maps. It was a shocking experience realizing how much the web had, I mean I was able to use Maps without ever needing to refresh the page. I just feel that web apps are an essential part of modern life and I'd love to contribute towards improving that in any way possible.

UI/UX Design

Software Dev

Machine Learning

My Specialty

My Skills

Some of my programming languages that I know.







Machine Learning(In Progress)






Some extra tools/frameworks/skills I'm familiar with.





MERN Stack(Solid)



I'm currently attending UC Berkeley, pursuing a degree in Data Science with a minor in Computer Science. I will be graduating in May of 2022.
  • Computing Courses Taken: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Data Structures and Algorithms, Intro to Software Engineering
  • Data Science Courses: Foundations of Data Science, Principles and Techniques of Data Science, Computing with Data
  • Probability Courses Taken: Discrete Math and Probability Theory
  • Involved Organizations: Ethical Apparel, Berkeley Alt. Protein, Data Science Instructional Team
  • Planned Courses for 2021: Probability Theory for Data Science, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture

Work Experience

Undergraduate Student Instructor/ Academic Intern 2020-Now

Assisted 20+ students during lab with various questions addressing data acquisition, performance measurement and real world use of analytics. Hosted office hours designed for more of a one on one experience, helping cover any issues students may be having with the course and helped design and edit course material.

Academic Intern 2020-Now

Continued teaching role as a academic intern helping students with coursework during office hours for an upper division course focused on modeling and analysis.

Data Research Project with Gaston Sanchez 2020-Now

Currently working towards creating new insights and data visualizations using NBA data using R and publishing data using Shiny Apps for professor Gaston Sanchez - Focus on visualizing team trends by analyzing NBA shot chart data and Game Log data from 2009-2020 - Created an efficient algorithm for generating NBA Heat Map visualizations

Data Analyst and Founding Member of Berkeley Alt. Protein 2019-Now

Built a fish quality prediction model, using a random forest decision tree algorithm with data provided by FishTag - Performed several unsupervised learning methods including PCA to help reduce the dimensionality of the data and provide new insights - Helped highlight the necessary features needed for the GFI’s Pisces database project


Recent Work

Huddle Dating App API

Built an Express backend API to efficiently store and load users, messages and groups in MongoDB. Integrated app with socket.io to setup real time messaging and notifications and Bcrypt to set up User Authentication


Capable of performing most features you would expect of a mapping application as well as map dragging/zooming, map rasterization, and includes an A* search algorithm to find the shortest path between two points.

Spam Email Classification Model

Modeled and fit a email classification model using a logistic regression algorithm and the sklearn library, and achieved a 99.45% model accuracy when tested. Finished top 3 in the competition for accuracy and recall. Additionally performed EDA and feature engineering to increase model precision and recall. And generated precision recall curves to help analyze results.

Berkeley Alt Protein

Built with HTML/CSS/JS. Currently being redesigned with new user feedback from Spring 2019. Added focus on responsive design with css grid and flexbox. Addiionaly as a member of the data analytics team, helped build a random forest classfication model with a 70% accuracy.

Website Fishing Model

PB2020 Open Source Frontend redesign

A gallery showcasing different sites that use the /r/2020policebrutality API. Working towards redesigning the front end visuals.

ActionMap Full Stack Web App

Built a Ruby on Rails web app to provide an integrated, seamless and shareable platform to make it easier for voters to connect with political candidates and officials. Expanded upon legacy code base using Cucumber and Rspec for test driven development and behavior driven development. Added additional utility using query and Ajax calls.

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